Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zimbabwean bonanza .......2 good!!!

It turned out to be too good to be true. Pashupatinath temple authorities
in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh rubbed their eyes in disbelief when
they received a cheque in their donation box carrying several zeroes. When
they added it up it came to One crore. But within days, the sense of
exhilaration turned into anger and rage when a Mumbai-based Forex bank
converted the crore into a princely sum of Rs 2. 26 paisa. Worse news
followed---the cheque clearance charges amounted to Rs.4000.

The full story is like this. A devotee from Zimbabwe left a cheque of Rs 1
crore issued in the name of temple. The Samiti members quickly calculated
the amount in US Dollars, without realizing the fact that cheque was in
Zimbabwean dollar. The men of religion in Mandsaur were also blissfully
unaware of the political turmoil in Robert Mugabe's country. When the
bearer cheque was deposited in the samiti's local State Bank of Indore
account, it sought information about the cheque from Mumbai-based Forex

The Treasury stated that due to the collapsed economy in Zimbabwe, one US
dollar is equal to 19, 09, 10,632 Zimbabwean dollar.
Thus, the real value of the cheque became Rs 2.26.Besides, about Rs 4,000
were required for the clearance, verification of cheque.