Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do you have time?

Many people say that they do not have time. But if we analyze this statement a little more, it usually comes from people who have no written schedule. Why they have no time is just because they lack time management.

Just a bit different, we still found people who say there is no time because it seems people are busy, have a fairly neat agenda and manage it well. But they say that they do not have time either.

Having time or having no time often comes from the priorities we own.

I play because I think playing has a higher priority than other things. We can find many people who are still working while most people have slept their time away. Why? Because they have a priority. Priorities allow them to make time available.

Is your family have a priority with you? Surely there will be time for them?

Do you have time for a visit with each other, because there is certainly a priority you give to it? You have time for the investment; that means you put a priority on that.

A priority will give you time and time comes upon you because you have a priority. There was a priority, due to the time given; there was time, due to the priority it was given to.

So find out your priority first, there will be enough time for that.

--- Written in 2009 by Darman Purba